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Are you looking for a Relaxium sleep review? After testing this product out for over 60 days, this is what the experts have to say about it.

Everyone has trouble falling asleep from time to time, there is nothing strange about that. On the other hand, for some people that see the clock ticking away frequently during the night this can be a big issue. As an expert on the sleepless night topic I can say with full confidence,  it really sucks.

Lying awake for hours on end is usually a vicious cycle: you start to worry if you will ever fall asleep. This thought is probably very relatable to those of you who face the same problem. According to Relaxium, there is a solution!

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Relaxium Sleep review: What is it?

This Relaxium sleep review aims to confirm or invalidate the claims that are being made. First of all, we will focus on what this supplement is. Relaxium Sleep is a supplement that should be taken twice a day with water. The capsules are to be taken at the same time; about an hour before going to sleep.

The creator of this supplement, Dr. Eric Ciliberti claims that the product is a harmless sleep aid made out of 100% natural ingredients. Ciliberti is a known neuroscientist and was involved in the creation of many credible articles on various topics related to sleep.

According to Dr. Eric Ciliberti this supplement promotes a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Very beautiful words of course, but is it really true? Continue reading this Relaxium Sleep review and find out.

Are the claims true?

This review will focus mainly on the consumer side (of course, it’s a review J), but will take medical studies into consideration too.

Let’s look at the claims that Relaxium make on their packaging:

  1. Fall asleep 140%
  2. Sleep 266% longer without interruption.
  3. Wake up 69% more refreshed & alerted.
  4. Improve your concentration by 80%.

Reading these claims, it almost sounds too good to be true. This is because it is probably false. As we speak, there are currently letters of complains directed to Relaxium for misleading their customers. As it turns out, the claims that are made are not approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). This means that either the effects of this supplements are not studied, or the results of these studies have not been published yet.

Either way, does this mean that Relaxium Sleep does not work? NO! Fortunately for those who are willing to try this ‘magical sleep supplement’, there are some real benefits to supplementing some of the ingredients used in Relaxium.

Sleep is a very broad subject and there are many factors to take into account.

Relaxium Sleep Ingredients

Within Relaxium Sleep, 8 ingredients can be found. During this paragraph we will dive deeper into each of these ingredients to see what their benefits are. Furthermore, we will see what the recommended daily doses are and compare it to the serving size of the supplement.


Out of all sleep supplements, melatonin is by far the most popular. Melatonin is a hormone that is being produced naturally by the body. Your body starts producing this hormone when it thinks it’s time to sleep. Whilst melatonin does not make you fall asleep on its own, it induces the feeling of drowsiness and relaxation. Therefore, making it way easier to fall asleep.

As a natural ingredient that can be supplemented, it has been studied for many years. Melatonin also comes with a drawback. It should not be taken for continually for a period over 2 months. After a while your body starts to get used to the daily supplement, making it really hard to sleep without it.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for many functions of our body. Having a deficiency in magnesium could potentially lead to muscle cramps and anxiety. Supplementing magnesium before sleep can relax your muscles, and therefore making it easier to sleep. Another very important aspect of magnesium is its role in regulating the production of melatonin.

The National Institute of health recommends an average dose of 300 to 400mg of magnesium per day. This amount differs for age, weight and the overall health.


Ashwagandha is an herb that has gained immense popularity over the last years. Although the herbs have been used for many years, it is only recent that this herb has been implemented in many supplements. According to studies, this herb has reduced the time needed to fall asleep. The main reason being the reduction of stress and anxiety that was found in patients that induced this herb.


Valerian is a natural ingredient that has been used to reduce anxiety for many years. The active compounds in valerian are valerenic acids. Studies have shown that this compound has a positive effect on the central nervous system. In other words, it helps to relax the body and mind, making it easier to fall asleep and sleep uninterrupted.

Valerian should never be used in combination with other sedatives or sleep aids without contacting a professional. Due to the active effect on people, it is recommended to start with a lower dose.


GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in the regulation on neurons in the brain. Supplementing GABA can have a positive effect on relaxation and reduce anxiety. Like other ingredients on this list, supplementing GABA can reduce the time needed to fall asleep and reduce the amount of times waking up in the night.



L-Tryptophan plays a crucial role in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood, and more in particular the ‘happy’ feeling. Many sleep related problems are correlated to a ‘down’ feeling or even depression. Being in a good or happy mood is probably the most important ‘sleep booster’ there is. It is therefore that many sleep supplements, like Relaxium Sleep add L-Tryptophan or similar ingredients to their supplement.


Passion flower

Passion flower is quite unique to the Relaxium Sleep supplement. Passion flower is a natural ingredient which is believed to boost the effect of the GABA ingredient. GABA is also found in the Relaxium Sleep supplement. Passion flower is traditionally found in tea’s to reduce the time needed to fall asleep and tackle the feeling of anxiety.

Passion flower is seen as a safe option for those wanting to improve their sleep!

 Relaxium (Per capsule)Recommended dose
Magnesium100 mg300-400 mg
L-tryptophan500 mg500 – 1000 mg
Ashwagandha125 mg300 – 1000 mg
Melatonin5 mg1 – 3 mg
GABA100 mg100 – 250 mg
Valerian228.9 mg300 – 600 mg
Passionflower75 mg300 – 500 mg

My experience with Relaxium Sleep

As someone who has frequently trouble falling asleep, I had to see if my hype around this supplement is justified. In order to make this review as credible as possible, I logged all the variables that are relevant to the topic of sleeping. These are:

  1. Time needed to fall asleep
  2. Amount of sleep disturbances during the night
  3. Average stress level during the night
  4. Amount of deep-sleep/REM sleep


The data was being collected with the use of the Garmin- Venu SQ. One of the most accurate and reliable smartwatches when it comes to collecting health related data.

In order to have a good overview of my sleep statistics, I obtained data before, and during the use of the Relaxium Sleep supplement.



Week 0

 (no supplements)

Week 1 (with Relaxium Sleep)

Week 2 (with Relaxium Sleep)

Week 3 (with Relaxium Sleep)

Week 4 (with Relaxium Sleep)

Week 5 (with Relaxium Sleep)

1. Time needed to fall asleep

52 minutes

23 minutes

32 minutes

20 minutes

22 minutes

 27 minutes

2. Amount of sleep disturbances during the night

3 – 5





1 – 2

3. Average stress level during the night *

19 – 21

12 – 14   

9 – 11

12 – 14

10 – 12

9 – 11

4.Amount of deep sleep / REM Sleep

38 minutes

1.15 hours

59 minutes

1.38 hours

1.25 hours

1.18 hours

5.Amount of sleep

7.43 hours

7.50 hours

7.35 hours

7.44 hours

7.40 hours

7.55 hours

These are averages of the 7 days in a single week.

 *= on a 0 to 100 scale (rest 0-25; low stress 25-50; medium stress 50-75; high stress 75-100)

As can be seen, the numbers don’t lie. Relaxium has significantly improved my nights rest. However, I do have to be skeptical regarding the product. First of all, the amount of melatonin used in the Relaxium Sleep is extremely high. The recommended dose for melatonin is 1 mg to a maximum of 3mg. Relaxium has upped this to a whopping 10 mg per night, which is 300% to a 1000% increase over the recommend daily use.

As said by many experts, you have to be very careful with supplementing melatonin. Habituation can start quite early, depending on the person. By upping your melatonin dose by these numbers, it can do more harm than good in the long run.

Overall, I am fairy satisfied with the results of this supplement. Even though the product is marketed as an ‘all natural, drug free sleep supplement’ the users should definitely be warned about the side effects.

Relaxium Sleep Reviews: the conclusion

In case you haven’t read the full Relaxium sleep review you are probably wondering if it is working. To sum it up pretty much: yes and no.

Yes, Relaxium contains ingredients that are scientifically and medically proven to be very beneficially on your sleep. These ingredients can boost factors such as:

  • falling asleep faster;
  • Gain more deep sleep;
  • Sleep longer without interruption;
  • Wake up more refreshed.

Over the course of 60 days,  Relaxium Sleep has greatly improved my sleep. One of the most important reasons for this improvement is related to the high levels of melatonin that can be found in the supplement.

Although the ingredients are medically proven to boost these factors, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt. You can’t just supplement minerals vitamins and expect your sleep to improve by itself.

There are countless factors that influence your sleep. Therefore, just focusing on a small portion of these is not going to solve all your sleep problems. If you have any underlying conditions out of which you know they are affecting your sleep negatively it is better to find professional help.

If you are struggling falling asleep for a longer period of time, there are many factors that might benefit you.  Find out everything you need to know about sleep subjects on Restfully.

Relaxium sleep bottle

FAQ Relaxium Sleep

Relaxium sleep can be bought on Amazon and at Wallmart

Although Relaxium is a natural sleep supplement, it can have negative side effects on your health. First of all, you should never use Relaxium for longer than 2 months. Your body starts to get used to the melatonin making it even more difficult to sleep without it. Secondly, all people react different to the ingredients used in Relaxium Sleep. You should always start off with a small portion and see how you react to it. If you react just fine to it, try upping your dose to the recommended dose. This way you avoid negative side effects.

Relaxium Sleep contains a total of 8 ingredients. These are:

  1. Melatonin
  2. L-tryptophan
  3. Passion flower
  4. Magnesium
  5. Ashwagandha
  6. GABA
  7. Valerian
  8. Chamomile

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